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On Air

CBS This Morning GOLD

Investigative Reporter

Julie’s investigative reporting has prompted FDA recalls, federal investigations and legislation intended to protect consumers and hold regulators accountable.

Her work was recently honored with a National Press Club Award and she has earned more than a dozen Emmy®, Associated Press and Edward R. Murrow… [Continue/View Demo]

ConsumerWatch Correspondent

Julie reports on pocketbook issues, examines technology/business trends and resolves viewer problems. Her reports also expose scams, unscrupulous business practices and loopholes in consumer legislation.

Locally, Julie covers two different stories each weeknight. Nationally, she is a Consumer Correspondent for … [Continue/View Demo]

News Anchor / Host

Prior to taking over the popular ConsumerWatch franchise, Julie was named Best News Anchor by the Associated Press for her role as anchor and host of the CBS-5 Early Edition.

Julie is currently a fill-in anchor at KPIX and regularly anchors day-side breaking news cut-ins. [Continue/View Demo]

Formerly Known As…


Meteorologist (AMS)

As an Emmy® Award-winning meteorologist at CBS in San Francisco, Julie’s role took her from the chroma key to the crumbling cliffs of Pacifica. In 2010, she won the American Meteorological Society’s prestigious award for Excellence… [Continue/View Demo]

Breaking News

General Assignment Reporter

As a general assignment reporter at KPIX, Julie thrived in live, breaking news situations and regularly covered national breaking news for network affiliates across the country. Some of her notable breaking news stories include the San Bruno gas explosion … [Continue/View Demo]


Surviving Kenya - Through His Lens

Digital Journalist / Blogger

With a master’s degree in Online Journalism, Julie enjoys turning compelling broadcast stories into interactive online experiences.

Julie is also an avid blogger. Her #NewsMom blog on chronicles how she uses the knowledge, skills, & resources she’s developed as a journalist to navigate life as a mom. [Continue/View Demo]

Managing Editor / Web Designer

Outside of work, Julie is the creator of The independent website features unsponsored news, reviews & editorials for parents—written by parents who are experienced journalists (not paid “influencers”). provides a platform for #NewsMoms (& Dads) to share their investigative stories, instincts and research skills with other parents.

The website also aggregates relevant “news you can use” from… [Continue/View Demo]

Off Camera


Video Journalist

In an effort to tell stories that might not otherwise be told, Julie often finds herself behind the camera.
In 2010, she shot, edited and produced “Outsourced: Silicon Valley Students in India.” The series was named Best Feature Story… [Continue/View Demo]

Emmy Chair

Emmy® Awards Chair

Julie is the Emmy® Awards Chair and sits on the board of governors for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. In addition to managing internal and external communications for the Emmy® Awards competition & ceremony, Julie produced … [Continue/View Demo]

Featured Work

TSA Cares

“TSA Cares” Making Changes Following ConsumerWatch Story

While you may be obligated to let TSA inspect your bags, TSA says it is not obligated to put your things back the way they found it.

After a viewer complained that their expensive instrument was repeatedly damaged when TSA failed to re-pack it properly, we started asking questions. We found TSA was not abiding by the instructions posted on its own website and convinced the agency to alter it’s official policy. [Continue/View Demo]

Xfinity Wifi

Is Xfinity Public Wi-Fi Hijacking Your Phone?

Most web surfers know that public Wi-Fi is much more vulnerable to hackers than your average private home network, but we discovered that Xfinity public Wi-Fi may automatically connect you to its unsecured public network without your knowledge, even at home.

We put the public Wi-Fi network to the test and demonstrated how easy it is to hack. We also revealed that once you log onto Xfinity public Wi-Fi, your device remains connected to the Xfinity network – even after a factory reset. [Continue/View Demo]

Supermarket Shocker

Supermarket Shocker

What began with a single complaint about an overcharge at the grocery store expanded into a nationwide investigation.

As a result of persistent undercover and computer assisted reporting, this series holds one of the nation’s largest grocery retailers accountable for disproportionately overcharging customers and violating a court order. [Continue/View Demo]

UN-Covered California

UN-Covered California

“UN-Covered California” began with a single complaint about doctors refusing to accept insurance policies purchased on the state’s ACA health insurance exchange. It evolved into in-depth continuing coverage spanning more than 30 reports over the course of a year.

The series exposed a widespread practice of bait & switch and revealed that state regulators weren’t investigating complaints or enforcing state law. Ultimately, this reporting prompted changes by insurers and forced action by state regulators and law makers. [Continue/View Demo]

Filled with Fear

“Filled” With Fear

When Chrysler owners told ConsumerWatch they were “filled with fear” every time they filled their tank, we began investigating a known fuel tank defect that caused the cars to stall on the road.

Public records revealed that the car maker assured NHTSA it would address the issue months earlier. Chrysler also told the regulator that it would pay to fix the potentially dangerous defect in each of the affected cars. However, we discovered that the car maker had not followed though. [Continue/View Demo]

Fools  Gold

Fool’s Gold

It began with a local complaint about a fraudulent gold buyer and expanded into a five-state undercover investigation that exposed a pattern of fraud and deceit within one of the nation’s largest gold buying operations.

As a result, THR & Associates was forced to shut down, putting an end to the company’s predatory practices in as many as 160 different cities each week. The company’s CEO is now the subject of multiple state and federal investigations. [Continue/View Demo]

public storage

Public Storage

In this three-part series, we investigated questionable insurance practices and security measures at the nation’s largest storage company.

Over the course of several months, this undercover investigation revealed that unlicensed Public Storage employees were illegally selling insurance to customers. We also compiled data that demonstrated the insurance company behind those policies was regularly denying valid claims. [Continue/View Demo] features unsponsored news, reviews and editorials for parents—written by parents who are journalists (not paid “influencers”).

The independent website provides a platform for #NewsMoms (& Dads) to share their investigative stories, instincts and research skills with other parents. [Continue/View Demo]